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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 19, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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wyatt. >> >> chances of rain will be around for the next several hours into the late evening. one boundary of showers pushing up through the gray sonville. out towards kent island and then as we take aing loo further south and west, a couple of storms toward culpepper, virginia, see if they come up, cloud cover, thick and steady out of the south. it will be a gray, damp and at times foggy evening, but also a little breezy. tomorrow, this will set the stage tor a nice clearing scenario, but it will windy, much more on the weekend ahead, coming up. >> thanks, wyatt >> you know with the rain comes slow moving traffic. it looks ike it is moving at a snail's pace. let's check in with jaime is there. first, off, let's get out of the city. no problem getting out of the city. 395 to 95. no problems there. i want to take you to the bellway. here's the rain. beltway, leading to an accident
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around 10:30 this morning. we had a slew of accidents and this one was in baltimore county, we got a call of a bad accident involving five cars near the ricetown road exit. one person did have to go to the hospital. in fact from 10:30 to 10:35. we had five accidents. this was really a police car, hit by another car and the driver of that car swerved to avoid another miss car responding to another scene and that car is parked on the shoulder, luckily, the police car was unoccupied at the time. another accident, the driver said "you know what? let's get out of here." let's take you back to the live traffic camera. beltway, at 3. it looks okay there, here we are, right now, we'll go wide on this one. parkway at 29 and again, it's stop and go traffic here. but that's the only trouble spot so far.
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let's make it a nice smooth ride home. kelly.? >> thanks a lot. >> >> in weather like this, you want to be prepared any time of the day or night. you can download the weather map with your i phone or i pad. with an hour by hour forecast, or you can get the seven-day forecast in the palm of your hand. get involved with the weather map crowd >> in the news tonight, a man in custody, accused of having sex with two boys, one 13, the other 14 in baltimore county. police say the 22-year-old found the boy through the internet on facebook and in chat rooms. rosy has more on this. >> >> baltimore county police charged brandon with multiple counts. police say he used the incompetent net to find young boys. >> >> reporter: in real-life,
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brandon henry was 22 yearses old and lived with his parents, but on facebook, he was braiden clark and police say depending on who he was talking to, he was 19 or 17 years old. online, he talked about being gay and that he was a sheltered home schooled kid that loved music. police say in real-life, he was a predator who used facebook and the social media to find young boys. >> police say that he was able to make friends with his alleged victims through his fake facephuket pre file and used e-mail to follow up with the people he met. if it wasn't for the mother of one of the victims paying attention to her son's online activities, the case may not have come to light. they are asking others to do the same. >> it's not unusual that sexual
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predators have more than one victim. we have found two involving this suspect. we fear there will be more. >> reporter: >> police are trying to see if there are any more victims in this case. we don't want to show his page on the air. but there is a link, a link to the county police website on our website alt abc 2 news. com >> opening statements in the trial of a man accused of killing a gas station owner. prosecutors say walt irbe shop killed ray porter the murder happened in march of last year in baltimore county. if convicted. bishop could face the death penalty. carla porter is facing the death penalty. she goes on trial next year. >> >> they were used to train other dogs how to fight, now, the first of the pit 6 is on the way to getting the help
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they need. baltimore human society has taken michelle, part of an abused american stafford terrier held in evidence in the case of larry austin. he was found guilty of animal cruelty. the pit 6, five females and one male was found by police, locked in undersized canes. it is believed they have been used as bait dogs, practice for dogs planning to fight. maryland house approved the governor's redistricting map. this was the identical map passed this week. the senate will have to approve small technical changes before it goes to the governor for approval. >> >> in tonight's consumer alert, the deadly lysteria outbreak in canada, probably caused by
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pools of water on the floor and old equipment. the fda said jensen farms has recently left equipment that has been difficult -- they believe contamination caused the outbreaks that lead to the death of 25 people. another note, the canteloupes, the way they were killed may have contributed to the growth of that bacteria. >> >> now that the drug official for controlled substances, educate fors want to make sure parents know how to protect their children from this. tonight, an information session about synthetic drugs like bath salts or k2 many they are not real bath salts, they are made to look like the salts and can cause some serious problems. starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. >> >> mcdonald's customers may be able to get food, drink and
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entertainment. it is launching a mcdonald's channel. mickey d tv features on programming with news, sports, coverage of the local community. it is being introduced over the next few months in southern and central california. if it is well received, it could go nationwide. >> > coming up, how a fema trailer is helping a sheriff's department reach out to the community >> it has turned into wild king doll in one ohio city after more than a dozen wild animals were set free. how officials are dealing with this very unusual situation. >> >> he was booted off "dances with the stars" last night. why his competition was sad to see him go. .
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reaction tonight to the latest elimination of "dancing with the stars " >> journal has all of the details. >> carson and anna. >> >> carson cressly came dressed for success on "dancing with the stars " despite often low scores, hemanaged to stay in the competition for five weeks. after this week'soff, he was 86ed out of the game. >> everybody embraced me and made me feel like i belonged that's something i don't always feel. that was really session for me. >> i genuinely feel terrible he will not be on the show. it won't be as much fun on the show without him. >> he inspired me in so many ways and that's why things were awesome because of you.
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. >> i don't feel defeated in the slightest. i feel like this was a great experience. i have friends for life. i learned how to dance -- my life is good. we came, we saw, we dazzled. it's hard to be like seriously taken when you are dressed like a skittle. >> reporter: he also was dressed like a pirate and while he just walked the "dancing with the stars" plank, he may have discovered his travel. >> i think he is going to after this. it allowed people to get more familiar with him. >> carson brought something special. he always gave a performance we looked forward to. >> for monday, none of the
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seven teams is revealing broadway song they will be dancing to for week six of the competition. in los angeles, for abc news -- . will smith and baltimore's own jada opinion debt smith have taken on a new role. heart part owners of a professional team. part of the group that brought the philadelphia 76ers. it's estimated they spent $20 million. will grew up in phily. this comes on the heels of rumors that the couple is splitting up. the couple and the couple's family say it's not true. . there are some healthy showers, downpours down here to northern virginia. we are checking out maryland's most powerful radar, tracking that particular cell, more showers moving into queen anne's county. kent, look for rain to move in.
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most of the immediate baltimore area, not a lot of rain and that's a good sign, but, ohio boy it is misty, foggy and breezy out there. you can see the flags blowing in the wind. 67 right now, just kind of an ugly october day. winds are breezy from the east and it will get gusty around here tomorrow, look at the rain as it began to pulse on and off in the afternoon here, showers at times and a lot of spots picking up a good quarter half inch of rain. not out of the question to get caught in one of the heav mount area, if you wanted to see bright colors, you had to look at some of the trees. the look of fall is getting more and more pronounced. most spots in the 60s with the rain cooled air out there. winds from the east, right now, right around five to 10. enjoy the lighter breeze, because tomorrow, even though we get the sun back, these winds will begin to gust 10, 20, even 30-miles per hour.
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much breezier day of weather on the way tomorrow. tremendous rain west of us, enundated in ohio and parts of west virginia with very heavy rain, but, just scattered showers right now for most of maryland and areas south and north of us, heavy downpours across the coast. large system here, huge cluster of low pressure and it's colder air trying to work in,ent counters the warmer air south of us the warm air tries to nudge in, gets wrapped into the storm, could spark a few thunderstorms into the evening, into the overnight, but by tomorrow afternoon, we'll be clear future trend shows clearing the last rain should be done by the morning. you may have some damp roads, but i don't think alot of rain will be coming down, by tomorrow afternoon, a mix of clouds and sun, it looks like things will continue to trend drier from friday into the weekend. temperatures never really bounced back much more in the
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60s, overnight, 55, breezy, ice lighted thunderstorms. tomorrow's forecast will be 65 or -- sun and clouds and watching for the winds to come up tomorrow, especially in the noon hours. any time after lunch, latch down anything that blows away quickly. >> >> let's check out the seven forecast as woe look ahead to our all important weekend. it looks like we'll see some sunshine around here. temperatures will be seasonably cool, around 60, it could be crisp for the huge event sunday morning in hunt valley, it looks nice and clear, people that run the 5k, they don't juan an extremely warm morning for that. >> nice and dry, that's what we like. >> welcome back. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. >> >> bizarre and dangerous situation, wild animals roaming
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free near zayneville, ohio. police are trying to deal with this very unusual situation. nearby neighbors are on edge. abc's tj wennick has the story. >> reporter: schools in zaynesville closed for the day. area residents told to stay inside. 50 wild animals, including lions, tigers and bears on the loose. >> scary. >> reporter: 5:30 tuesday, authorities say terry thompson opened the gates at his wild animal farm shortly before taking his own life. thompson had a troubled past, sent to prison on weapons chans he was released a few weeks ago and his wife reportedly him. >> mr. thompson died from self- inflicted wounds. we feel he had released these animals at some point. >> 9-1-1 calls started to pour in, locals could not believe
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their eyes. >> it looks like a jaguar or a wolf or something. . >> i just saw a wolf in a parking lot. >> overnight. police, with assault rifles, shooting and killing this lion after finding him roaming along the road. another lion, as well as a bear taken down. if you see any of these animals, don't run. >> >> reporter: authorities fearful they could escape in the dark. in the daylight, they tried to use tranquilizers. >> we just had a huge adult tiger, 300-pounds. it went crazy after it got a tranquilizer in it. it took off in the wooded areas and our officers put it down. >> another animal on the loose,
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a hawk made its way out of a real tight job. this red tailed hawk was trapped on the grill of an s.u.v. workers started to take the grill apart, it make a real wildlife rescue assign machine. the hawk was alive, but could not fly. the bird was taken to a vet and it is expected to recover. >> >> a bear cub wandered into a grocery store. he was strolling among the medicine aisles, the bear paced back and forth until one customer decided to take matters into their own hands, the owner said that i had to throw away thousands of dollars in fruits andvegetables as well as sanitize and restock with fresh produce >> should babies and toddlers be allowed to watch television? coming, why doctors say
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children under two watching television does more harm than good. >> >> find out what a new report says about the use of anti- depressants in this country. .
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in tonight's health alert, babies watching television. it may be convenient for parents to park their toddlers and infants in front of the tv, doctorssy they shouldn't do it there is a recommendation that children under the age of two watch as little tv as possible. . 90% of parents said their kids
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watch some form of electronic media created specifically for them. the academy said while positive effects of those programs are still in question. the benefits of parent/child interaction has been well documented. >> >> one in 10 people over the age of 12 take anti- depressants. anti-depressants are the third most common drug, women are more likely to use them than men. whites are more apt to take them than african-americans or hispanics. researchers found of those taking anti-depressants, one of three have visited a psychiatrist in the past year. . abc 2 news. com is your help for all of the
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news you need. log onto our website and you will find the weather headlines and other topics to keep your family informed about all of the information you need. >> >> we have been thinking pink all month. it's breast cancer awareness month. >> >> the important of early detection for women. >> >> a loose cow caused a bit of a jam on a bridge in rhode island. we'll explain. .
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>> harper county, baltimore, a lot of new residents -- . >> my mom and dad are having a
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big fight. >> what police found when they answered a young girl's call for help. so, who took the most heat when republican candidates faced off? if you have been outside, you know it has been raining off and on all day. we'll check on what is in store beyond tonight's commute. let's go to wyatt in the storm center. >> >> it has been an ugly day out there. heavy rain on the eastern shore from henderson, denton, churchill. chestertown. kent, getting ready to get some rain and we are getting some rain through the narrows around kent island, to the west and southwest, a couple of heavier downpours, maybe a little thunderstorm going around the culpepper region. just a wave of lightly scattered showers clouds keep
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flowing in out of the south, a big huge southern moisture feed. that just means more showers, maybe even a late thundershower into the evening as temperatures hover into the 60s, we'll talk about the winds coming on, big time tomorrow, more on that straight ahead. >> you want to be prepared for the weather, you have to download your weather app. it will help you plan your weekend. everything from an hour by hour forecast to a look at the seven day, so join the weather app crowd and remember to pack an umbrella. head to our website. you will find a free weather app link right there on the page. >> >> at a time when thousands of people are moving to hartford county, crime is going down. much of the credit for the decline goes to some creative new crime prevention tools and tonight, jeff hager joys us how one takes recycling to a whole


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